Grats Mar 2 2020

  1. my eyesight
  2. my surgeries all went so perfectly well
  3. tomorrow evening’s plans xo
  4. church. lately. ❤
  5. me giving so much food to the poor. right now 🙂
  6. ww
  7. oa
  8. my sponsee
  9. my sponsor
  10. this day
  11. this day OFF
  12. prayer
  13. mass
  14. communion
  15. my marriage
  16. my birdies
  17. me singing to them and them responding so well
  18. and out of cage eating treats right now
  19. my health
  20. my sense of humor
  21. books
  22. laughter
  23. my washer
  24. and dryer
  25. boots
  26. shoes
  27. clothes
  28. showers
  29. God.

Says on Back of Paper about “Sara” to do so I Shall

“On a separate sheet of paper write out things you appreciate about:
*The magnificence of my body

NB all the “I remember when I couldn’ts” are from illnesses/ injuries

  1. I have great eyesight
  2. My body heals
  3. My lungs work beautifully
  4. My heart is clear and strong
  5. My bloodstream is healthy
  6. I can speak! (I remember when I couldn’t)
  7. I can breathe (I couldn’t always)
  8. I have pretty hair
  9. I have good skin
  10. I have nice feet
  11. and hands
  12. nice legs
  13. nice waistline
  14. I can walk
  15. I have healthy kidneys
  16. I have a healthy liver
  17. I have a great brain
  18. I have a pretty smile
  19. I can smell things
  20. i can hear!
  21. My hands do so much!
  22. like play piano!
  23. and type!
  24. I can read
  25. I can drive
  26. I have healed from both illness and injuries
  27. I have a cute natural wiggle
  28. I have healthy skin
  29. My stomach is good
  30. and now even lets me know when has had enough food
  31. my digestive system works
  32. my genitals work
  33. my muscles are responding so beautifully to exercise
  34. I make great eye contact with people
  35. My body has not ingested meat in 30 years!
  36. I can read
  37. I can do more than one thing at a time. I don’t so much, ’cause I don’t want to anymore, but I can
  38. I can meditate
  39. I have always been able to support myself
  40. I have great orgasms
  41. I am able to think quickly
  42. I can sing a bit
  43. I can paint a bit
  44. I do beautiful needdlework
  45. I am learning a new language! French!
  46. I have some EQ
  47. My wonderful body responds so well and so quickly to foods
  48. and to meds
  49. I do NOT have any dread disease, physical or mental. Thank You.
  50. I can enjoy the fragrance and sight of flowers.
  51. I do not have hairy arms or legs
  52. I have an hourglass figure
  53. I have a pretty smile
  54. I have the sense of taste
  55. and of touch
  56. I can drink and eat and swallow
  57. I can taste the goodness of good foods
  58. I am able to be quiet more now.
  59. I can (and do) pray.
  60. I get around to everywhere I need/want to.
  61. I am not at all tempted by drugs
  62. or alcohol
  63. I have good nails
  64. My kness are good
  65. my hips are good
  66. all my joints are good
  67. my skin is getting softer
  68. i have pretty ears
  69. and good piercings in them
  70. and nice eyelashes
  71. and great eyebrows
  72. and pedi
  73. my blood flows freely through me
  74. and clots if I’m cut
  75. I can have good belly laugh
  76. I can feel my abs now!
  77. i can dance
  78. I can follow instructions
  79. I can write
  80. I can improve emotionally. And have, TREMENDOUSLY.
  81. I am so much less afraid than I used to be. Because I am an adaptive creature.
  82. I listen to others. Better than ever
  83. I interrupt less
  84. My body serves me. She is a gift from God. She affords me everything so I can have and live and enjoy this life.
  85. I can have belly laughter
  86. I am strong.
  87. I can do my grocery shopping (I remember when I couldn’t)
  88. I can “swim” and enjoy
  89. I have a good sense of humor
  90. I smile. A lot.
  91. I used to cheerlead
  92. I used to run
  93. I can fully appreciate the woods and trail walks
  94. I can cook. I remember when I couldn’t
  95. I can shower. I remember when I couldn’t
  96. I don’t have to take a lot of meds
  97. I am losing weight
  98. I can enjoy touch
  99. and kisses
  100. and hugs!

Thank You, Body.

feb 11 2020

In the course of your life, how many people and animals have truly loved you? Three? Seven? More? I invite you to try this Valentine experiment: Write down their names on a piece of paper. Spend a few minutes visualizing the specific qualities in you that they cherished, and how they expressed their love, and how you felt as you received their caring attention. Then send out a beam of gratitude to each
of them. Honor them with sublime appreciation for having treasured your unique beauty.

I will do this tomorrow. (Came from a friend’s rising star horoscope, but I like the idea)

LoA/Affs Feb 4 2020

A Consistent Formula Gives me Consistent Results
Like learning to understand the basics of mathematics and then having the successful experience of understanding the results of their applications, once you have a formula for understanding your world that is always consistent, it will yield consistent results to you.

My Desires and Beliefs Are Only Thoughts
Your desires and beliefs are just thoughts: “Ask and it is given.” You ask through your attention, through your wanting, through your desire – that is the asking (whether you desire it to happen, or you desire it not to happen, you are asking).

My Thoughts Join a Powerful Swirling Vortex of Attraction . . .
In the same way that the Law of Attraction is responding to the thoughts, words, and actions that you are offering here in your physical reality, the Law of Attraction is always responding powerfully to your Vibrationally Reality. When the Law of Attraction, the Universal manager of all Vibrations, responds to the clarity of Vibration offered by your expanding Inner Being, the result is a powerful swirling Vortex of Attraction.


Gratitudes Feb 3 2020

  1. With J’s birthday so near, I’m just glad he’s in my life at all!
  2. My eyesight!
  3. In fact, many physical things. I felt a lot of stress these past days, and am finding the gratitudes related to them.
  4. For example: lawyer things ugh! BUT – glad HAVE lawyer
  5. and funds for him
  6. which might get back
  7. and brain
  8. and hands and mouth (for communicating)
  9. and L who sent me to JS
  10. and JS who sent me to this firm
  11. and J’s help
  12. also stressed about city call. but grateful for phone to call
  13. and house to even “have to” (get to) think of this stuff
  14. and new car to think of this stuff
  15. and money to do it
  16. am VERY grateful that have made the “scary” calls, too
  17. and J stuff but that I AM a wonderful person and that I
  18. DO communicate with him
  19. and he with me
  20. and my legs to get me places
  21. and my driving ability
  22. and my freedoms
  23. for sponsor, who helped me Sun with 10th stepping something that had come up and was bothering me
  24. loving this book that I’m reading now, so far
  25. THAT I’m thankful for a day
  26. and life
  27. my sanity
  28. that i don’t suffer from a mental illness like schzophrenia
  29. or bipolar
  30. ww
  31. oa
  32. nice people
  33. like Je
  34. and P
  35. piano
  36. 600 lb life show
  37. that i am not into compulsive binge junk overeating now!
  38. my abilities
  39. my home
  40. my birdies
  41. EJ all that time
  42. MA all that time
  43. ML all that time
  44. SB too
  45. retirement
  46. still abilities if choose to do anything else…
  47. honest people
  48. that I am vegan
  49. all vegans
  50. everyone who triews and helps animals. the innocents
  51. good doctors
  52. health
  53. Abraham Hicks
  54. my parents
  55. my fam!
  56. J
  57. Jo
  58. A
  59. L
  60. St
  61. D
  62. O
  63. French
  64. my French teacher
  65. my trainer
  66. my gym
  67. my cozy day today
  68. in sweatpants
  69. escarole
  70. my homemade veggie red lentil soup
  71. collards
  72. melons
  73. apples
  74. pears
  75. oranges
  76. bananas
  77. my breath
  78. my voice
  79. my jewelry
  80. the UPS store near me
  81. humor
  82. sitcoms
  83. sleep
  84. even nap if need, like maybe today
  85. dreams
  86. books
  87. laptop
  88. phone
  89. my birdies are tweeting right now. (well one is, and one is sleeping AND tweeting lol)
  90. the sort of gym/ play station for them
  91. treats
  92. pellets
  93. greens
  94. water
  95. cuttle bone
  96. and toys for them
  97. word games
  98. lamps
  99. lights
  100. electricity
  101. TREES!