Nov 23 2020

  1. breath
  2. life
  3. eyesight!
  4. hearing
  5. speech
  6. spine
  7. brain
  8. finger is healing
  9. water from sins
  10. water from shower
  11. water from tub
  12. water for dishwasher
  13. water for washing machine
  14. washing machine
  15. laundry in now
  16. did load yesterday
  17. plenty of good healthy and delicious food wow!
  18. toilet paper
  19. laptop
  20. typig
  21. coloring
  22. t(s)
  23. bed
  24. sleep
  25. dreams
  26. lights
  27. electricity
  28. birdies are healthy
  29. plants too
  30. all that I did yesterday
  31. garbage pickup
  32. ability to walk
  33. weight watchers
  34. that I’m doing
  35. my cousin P
  36. my niece A
  37. my niece K
  38. my niece H
  39. my nephew D
  40. my mama, rest her soul
  41. my skin
  42. the lovely ginger body souffle
  43. bath yesterday xo
  44. my friend MT
  45. instacart
  46. amazon whole foods
  47. i bought myself flowers this week
  48. that i can read
  49. that i do read
  50. fb reading groups
  51. books
  52. dresses
  53. that i bought them for pandemic months
  54. and wear them
  55. that i live in a safe neighborhood for walking
  56. A.
  57. J ❤
  58. Jo
  59. Tr
  60. laughter
  61. ML and MA all those years
  62. Abraham Hicks
  63. iphone
  64. bird food
  65. vitamins
  66. my hair
  67. hair color
  68. amazon prime
  69. my pretty little home
  70. trees!
  71. heat!
  72. wooden floors
  73. my feet
  74. socks
  75. dryer
  76. sofas
  77. loveseat
  78. wing chair
  79. battery candles
  80. presents from J
  81. flight cage for birdies
  82. and that it’s virtually always open anyway
  83. windows
  84. doors. Yes, I mean these
  85. my plants
  86. my rugs
  87. my skin
  88. my fingers
  89. my piano ❤
  90. water spray bottles
  91. spring water and tap water to drink
  92. swimming
  93. giving books to P. I feel good about that 🙂
  94. vegan cookbooks
  95. bookshelves
  96. deep clean healthy breaths. i am so grateful for these
  97. hope
  98. new starts
  99. plenty of masks and gloves
  100. my life
  101. waking up today
  102. hangers
  103. closets
  104. ceiling fixtures
  105. banisters. inside and outside.

Still at the “what comes up” (negatives) part of the course, and already beginning to believe – I can have anything!


Because why not!

(Some practical reason too, like more brain power to focus than we use etc. But really, it’s the magical feeling.
That “magic” feeling is something J doesn’t like about me. But – too bad! ❤ Self )

Exploring Abundance 21 Days of Transformation June 25 2020 Day 4

People you know, who are experiencing abundance aka JOY.
Picture these people, and FEEL the sentiments and the wisdom that they elicit in you. What have you learned from them? How have they influenced you? How do you pass on what you have learned from them?

Cousin M

Importance of family.
Importance of spiritual connection.
Eating well and taking care of self.

How to pass that on? Hm. Be my best and therefore an example.
Find more joy myself.

QUESTION #1: What does it mean, to you, to live from the level of pure consciousness?
Connection to Source. I am not pure ego; I am pure Source.

QUESTION #2: In what practical ways can you bring this awareness into your everyday life?
Deep breaths. Let go of the tension and the “waiting for this and that ‘problem’ to pass.” Live in the moment. Body movement. Shoulders relax. EXPERIENCE the joy of THIS day/ moment.

QUESTION #3: How has the practice of meditation helped you connect with your pure consciousness?
Very much so, yes.
And I have shared that with many others! Children and adults.

Phrase of the day: From this moment forward, I invite unlimited abundance into my life.

Aham Brahmasmi, literally, “The core of my being is the ultimate reality,” or, “I am the absolute.”

Exploring Abundance 21 Days of Transformation June 24 2020 Day 3

“Today I focus on what I want to attract into my life.”

Supposed to draw/ color abundance (material). Maybe later in book but here will list
“…not just money, but a car, a beautiful home, a loving partner, a cute pet, a baby, a private airplane … anything. Leave your guilt behind and let this neglected part of yourself stretch out and sing!”

doggie rescued
bigger house
new car for each of us every 4 years
safe happy travel
summer house somewhere in woods – and someone to take care of it
a sanctuary for animals in need

Sat Chit Ananda, which literally means Existence, Consciousness, and Bliss, or Power, Knowledge, and Bliss